Welcome to Lashkiss! If you are looking for the best quality eyelash products and genuine
customer support, look no further. As an owner of Lashkiss and a professional cosmetologist for
over ten years, I will pass all my knowledge to you and show how subtle and delicate lashing art
I have started my career in traditional hair care and styling services. Even though I enjoyed
helping my customers to find their unique style and showcase their beauty, something was still
missing. I felt like I needed a niche where I could thrive as a professional, artist, and
entrepreneur. That is when I found lashing.
I have been lashing for over six years now, and I had a chance to try new products, find the best
techniques, and grow together with this wonderful industry. I believe that everyone is born
beautiful, and lashing helps to adorn that beauty by revealing its magical colors. It's not about
hiding behind eyelash extensions but rather letting those extensions express who you really
are. And as a shop owner and influencer, I would love to help you out throughout your journey.
I clearly remember what it was like to start my career, and I know that it is much easier when
you have some guidance, which I can provide. Also, I only sell the highest quality products on
Lashkiss, so you will be able to achieve great results faster.
I am fortunate to live my life at its fullest and connect my passion for lashing and influencing
with my entrepreneurial skills. It took long hours of work, calculated risk-taking, some luck, and
most importantly, love for what I do. I am always happy to share my journey with others, so if
you have any questions about my shop or lashing, please contact me at any time.
With love, Nikki!
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